At The Gin Library we have a selection of the finest Japanese gin available on the market. Collected from Ali & Caroline's time in Japan on numerous business trips and holidays. The Japenese gins are only available as part of

Our Raspberry and Orange Edition features organic, fresh raspberries and oranges from the island of Sao Miguel. We took our remaining stock of raspberries and added the only thing I love more, Orange. The oranges of Sao Miguel have a

The Orange 1800 Edition is inspired by the citrus trade from the 1800s between the Azores and the UK. The oranges of Sao Miguel have a fascinating history going back to the 1800s and the trade to the UK (read

This limited edition infusion uses lemons from the Azores known as "limon branco" or white lemons in English. These are very sour lemons, perfect for a gin and tonic infusion. We mix this gin with Indian Fever-Tree tonic water and

Our in-house infused gin features organic, fresh fruits from the island of Sao Miguel and The Azores. For the Real Raspberry Edition, we have taken Azorean raspberry's and used them in our gin. Just raspberries. Nothing more is needed for

One of the most iconic and famous fruits from the Azores is the Pineapple or Ananas in Portuguese. Grown over 2 years in greenhouses, these fruits are only grown on these islands and are completely different in taste to pineapples

Our Summer Strawberry in-house infusion takes organic Azorean strawberries as its base. This produces a light, fruity, but not too sweet flavoured gin. It's perfect for a summer evening, watching the sun set over the green hills opposite the estate

Details coming soon.

Baleia (meaning whale in English) is distilled upon the green lands of Sáo Miguel. Inspired by the whales that call these islands of the Azores home, surrounded by the never ending blue waters of the Atlantic ocean. Distilled in limited

We built the original Gin Library in Hong Kong, in 2010 with a handful of bottles. In 2018 we brought the entire collection (then standing at 350) to the Azores. Upon opening The Gin Library we were a little over