Customer Reviews of the Eco Estate

Beautiful gin library, where we could taste Azorean Gin. Ali knows a lot about the history of Gin and talks passionately about it.
(5 Stars) Lore, Netherlands


The gin tasting was great! You will walk away a much more sophisticated consumer of gin than when you walked in. As a result, I am no longer stuck in my Tanqueray comfort zone. This is a fantastic introduction to the vast world of gin. Also, Ali knows the island well and is good for recommendations on where to go. If you get stuck on the island and struggle (I know you will) stop by and he will help you out over gin. Therefore, I recommend making his place one of your first stops. He will help you avoid some pitfalls and is a good guy to know! I couldn’t recommend the tasting enough.
(5 Stars) Joe, Canada

Did Someone Say Sausages?! This experience was such good fun and so tasty too! Caroline has this down to a science and makes the whole process simple and fun for those of us rookies in the sausage making game. She walked us through the details of what ingredients were required and how to combine them into, in our case, chorizo and English breakfast sausages. After we mixed all the goodness together we loaded up the finished product into a sausage filler and filled sausage casings with the results of our labours. The filling and twisting of the casings was most entertaining but the best part comes at the end when we got to eat some of the tasty morsels we produced. Yum! Definitely fun, definitely delicious!
(5 Stars) Mitch, Canada


Amazing experience! Ali is super nice, the house has nice atmosphere and the gin and tonic was perfect. Absolutely recommend it!
(5 Stars) Atei, Hungary

My boyfriend and I visited the gin library and found it to be a fun and enlightening way to spend an evening in the Azores. I learned a lot about gin in terms of its use as a spirit, its history with the British empire, and the recent and growing popularity of the small batch and crafted gin market. We were even able to sample from Ali’s impressive personal collection of gins from all around the world. Before experiencing the “Gin Library,” I would not have considered myself a lover of gins, but now my interest in this diverse and tasty is spirit is piqued. If you have an appreciation for learning in a non-pretentious setting, you are guaranteed to love this place. Don’t miss out on this unique, fun, and off the beaten path opportunity!
(5 Stars) Mary, USA

Take two wonderful hosts combined with delicious gins and interesting conversation and you’ve found yourself in the third largest gin library on the planet. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Ali gave us a most informative lesson on the finer points of gin’s origins, the best way to enjoy the beverage, and several samples from the library. If you’re a seasoned gin drinker or this is your first experience with the beverage (as it was for me) you’ll enjoy this. Recommended for sure.
(5 Stars) Mitch, Canada

Gorgeous wall of an ever expanding selection of gin. Best gin & tonic I have tasted. Wonderful people; will definitely visit again!
(5 Stars) Alice, USA

This was my first forest bathing experience and it was so wonderful to have Caroline as my guide. She is a natural at bringing the group together and encouraging a deep connection to the natural world. I felt a deep connection to nature and observed so much that I have never noticed before. I’ve always been a person that has found internal peace and serenity In nature and this experience deepened that connection and made me realize that taking the time to observe all the small things.
(5 Stars) Christina, USA

We called on a whim since we had finished a hike that day. Ali was incredibly warm and welcoming. My wife and I both work in the alcohol industry and spent about 3 hours talking shop about Gin, the island and everything in between from the eyes of a seasoned traveller. I feel like we’ve made an instant friend with him and his wife and are looking forward to the next visit!
(5 Stars) Dan B, USA