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This is a group dedicated to everything ocean-related around the Azores. We aim to highlight the sustainable businesses helping to support life in the ocean. From whales and dolphins to beach clean ups. Created and supported by The Solar Branco Eco

Welcome to our gardeners group. Dedicated to all the green-fingered people of the Azores Islands. You'll find people passionate about plants and willing to advise on what to grow.Posts are welcome on plant advice, plant and seed swaps, plant sales

When life gives you oranges, make orange juice.   As winter brings shorter days, and cooler weather, our oranges start to turn from green to, well orange. The word orange has a fascinating history. The fruits originally came from the Azores

If you are vegan, love gin and you happen to be in the Azores then this is the list for you! If you are vegan, and just coming across this list, this is also for you. These are the top