The morning message came in while I was drinking a coffee. "We have a hedgehog in distress." As you can see our little spikey friend was caught in a fence and had wedged himself in, unable to get out. They are

June 21 commenced our first community based plant swap. After months of lock-down here in the Azores, we were keen to meet-up and get the members of our gardening community together for a chat and to exchange some plants. We

Here in the Azores we like to make gin and tonics. In spring to the beginning of summer, the Azores has some of the best strawberries you'll find. These seasonal fruits make for a great infusion with our house gin,

Grown in greenhouses on the island of São Miguel, this type of pineapple is unique to the island of Sao Miguel, but in fact originated in Central and South America. It was introduced to the island as an ornamental plant

Viticulture is said to have been introduced in the early 15th century by Henry the Navigator, who brought back vine material from Crete (Candia) or from Cyprus. Others suggest that Franciscan monks introduced viticulture from Madeira and mainland Portugal. Regardless