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Top 10 Gin Bars

Gin is everywhere at the moment, and this spirit adorns some of the very best bars in the world. Our research of the largest gin bars (by bottles on display) around the world comes out as follows. Although technically The Gin Library is still a private collection until we fully open the hotel, when compared to bars around the world it comes in at number 2!

Number 01: Atlas bar, Singapore – 1,300 bottles

Number 02: The Gin Library – over 1,000 bottles (and the largest gin bar in Europe!)
Number 03: Holborn Dining Rooms, London – 520 bottles
Number 04: The Barber Shop, Sydney – 350 bottles
Number 05: Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour, UK 300 bottles
Number 06: Atlas Manchester, UK – 300 bottles
Number 07: The Flintridge Proper, USA – 250 bottles
Number 08: Bobby’s Bar, Spain – 200 bottles
Number 09: Whitechapel Bar, USA – 120 bottles
Number 10: Muriel’s Café Bar, Belfast – 100 bottles

With over 1000 bottles we have a way to get the record, currently held by the Atlas Bar in Singapore but with your help we can do this. Every guest who visits The Gin Library and brings us a gin we don’t have receives a bottle from our range of gins, Ghosts of The Ocean in return. You can read more here about this experience.

Please note: We constantly research gin brands and bars, but the list and number is only as up to date as what we read on the internet. Any feedback or information is welcome. Email us here if you have information or feedback for us.