Beach Azores


Built over 100 years ago. The Estate fell into disrepair in the late twentieth century and is now undergoing a 5 year restoration. The buildings are being carefully and sustainably rebuilt to the highest standards. The estate gardens aim to reflect the island of Sao Miguel as “the green island.” What was once overgrown and unloved, is now being returned to former glory. 100 years later, citrus trees are being re-planted on the grounds, reflecting the history of the Azores with the UK. Many native plants are being replanted to encourage bees and other wildlife on the grounds.

Our in-house farm and local purchasing aims to supply much of the food served in our breakfasts. Reflecting our ideology of being a low carbon luxury hotel. Our chickens are all free range, serving the best eggs you will find on the island. The landscape changes over time, as each season passes more of the restoration is completed. Join us for a walk through the gardens, as we forage edible plants and flowers. Take in the view over the green hills to the ocean beyond.

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Breathe in the clear Azorean Atlantic air as you walk through the citrus-inspired gardens. Take in the view over green hills to the ocean beyond. Hideout, forage, think in peace. Enjoy this beautiful heritage home, built over 100 years ago, lovingly restored and brought back to life. Sleep in the big, dreamy beds. Hike, run, read. Relax. Put your phone down. Laugh out loud. Dream. Enjoy life with those around you.