We source all of our seafood with sustainability in mind. Our sushi dishes provided by Joana source our seafood locally and we use the following information / sites to ensure that we are using sustainable seafood.Mr GoodfishBest Fish Forward

Being a sustainable business is more than just removing plastic straws and bottles from a room. The UN has outlined 17 core goals to help support the growth of sustainable tourism and ensure that we bring these economic benefits to

If you are vegan, love gin and you happen to be in the Azores then this is the list for you! If you are vegan, and just coming across this list, this is also for you. These are the top

Japanese Massage + GinTimes: Available upon requestPrice: €90 per person BOOK NOW Max: 2Hosted by: Ricardo @KeepMovingProjectDuration: 2 hours Take time for yourself. Turn off your phone and tune in to the sound of the birds, the wind breezing through the trees

Yoga ClassesTimes: TBCPrice: €TBC per person BOOK NOWHotel Guests: €TBC* Max: TBCHosted by: TBCDuration: TBC Details coming soon. * This experience is run in partnership with a third party and is excluded from discounts and offers relating to our in-house experiences

Our Raspberry and Orange Edition features organic, fresh raspberries and oranges from the island of Sao Miguel. We took our remaining stock of raspberries and added the only thing I love more, Orange. The oranges of Sao Miguel have a

Details coming soon.

The Orange 1800 Edition is inspired by the citrus trade from the 1800s between the Azores and the UK. The oranges of Sao Miguel have a fascinating history going back to the 1800s and the trade to the UK (read