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Experience the best of Sao Miguel with The Solar Branco Eco Experiences

Enjoy an amazing experience at the Solar Branco Eco Estate. We carefully curate unique insights into the Azores through activities such as Shinrin Yoku (Forest bathing), a vegan cozido as well as our gin tastings in the world-famous Gin Library.

Our experiences are designed to be sustainable and aim to highlight and support the local economy. We hope to inspire you and enable you to leave your mark on our wall of memories to revisit one day.

Gin Experiences

Located at The Gin Library, home of the world’s largest private gin collection. Enjoy your gin and tonic as you watch the sunset over the green hills opposite The Solar Branco Eco-Estate towards the ocean. Take a moment, put your phone down, breathe in the fresh Atlantic breeze, feel the calming wind on your face and marvel at a place surrounded by thousands of kilometers of ocean and the wonders of what is out there for you to discover next.

Food & Drink

One of the most unique and exciting things to enjoy on the island is the Cozido das Furnas – a meal cooked in a volcano. The Solar Branco Eco Estate signature version is a modern plant-based interpretation of the dish, using fresh local seasonal ingredients and a special blend of herbs and spices delivering a delicious and refined twist on the traditional dish. We also work with our private sushi chef on Joana to bring you the best and freshest sushi on the island. And no visit to the Azores would be complete without tasting the amazing wines and beers that are produced by small scale craft producers. 

Outdoors & Nature

Discover the never-ending green lands of the island of São Miguel. From taking part in our signature Shinrin Yoku experience to a Japanese themed massage in the field. The Eco Estate is a place to allow your unique senses to experience and connect with nature. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature without modern-day distractions. Shinrin Yoku is often referred to in English as forest bathing (the literal translation of this Japanese term) or forest therapy.

Guest Exclusives

Our exclusive guest experiences aim to host the best of the Azores in the private setting of The Solar Branco Eco Estate. We also work with carefully handpicked local partners to ensure you enjoy the most authentic experiences in the Azores. 

Guide to Säo miguel

Get the most out of the island of Säo Miguel.