Create Your Own Gin

Ever wanted to learn how to make your own gin? Think you don’t have the time or equipment? Well think again as you join us at The Gin Library to make your own fruit infused gin. Most distilleries use a “base” of pure alcohol, shipped into the distillery and then they infuse it with juniper and other botanicals to make gin. In this experience you will copy the same principles (without using a still) to make your own fruit infused gin. You will be greeted at the estate by owner, Ali Bullock. Your experience begins with a complimentary Gin & Tonic as you look around The Gin Library, home to the world’s largest private collection with over 450 bottles.

We start with the history of gin, from its origins in the Netherlands, to the United Kingdom and the “gin craze” of the 1700s. We will also talk through different types of gin, from a London Dry, to the modern New Western style of gin. Then it’s time to take that knowledge and get to know the botanicals that can be used. You’ll be walked through each one, from exotic spices, to local Azorean fruits. Armed with this information you will then make your own infused gin. You’ll gain knowledge to take home and continue to make your own gin creations in future. 

Once completed, you are welcome to enjoy some of your creation (testing is after all a key part of the process!) Your gin will then be stored and will be ready for pick up in a few days. Please note you should allow at least 4 days on the island and we do not ship the infusions.

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Gin library: If the house has guests staying, the library may not be available, and we will host the tasting in another location on the estate
Transport: This experience involves alcohol. Please consider a designated driver or book a taxi

The Gin Library: Child Policy
Strictly adults only. Guests visiting The Gin Library are not permitted to bring babies or children under 16.

Refund Policy / Terms and Conditions
7 days or more in advance: 100% refund
Up to 48 hours: 50% refund
Less than 48 hours: Non-refundable