The Solar Branco Eco Estate aims to be a leading Eco and sustainable hotel in the Azores. We believe in leading the way for sustainable tourism in the Azores. Eco: Our initiatives include a complete ban on single-use plastic and pesticides. We are the first in the Azores to commit to being a zero food waste hotel. In the gardens we have 2 dedicated wildlife ponds for frogs and local birds. Our chickens are all free-range, and our field is maintained with wildflowers, cut in stages only twice a year encouraging wildflowers for pollinators and other wildlife. Heritage: We are carefully restoring the estate, respecting its history and breathing new life into each building. Local: We employ local staff and buy the majority of our food produce from local vendors.

Ocean Azores Foundation: The Solar Branco Eco Estate in combination with our in-house brand Baleia Gin is working to support the Azores in several areas of marine and sustainable conservation. Read more on our commitment to sustainability and eco-tourism here.


The Azores is a heaven for wildlife, but the over-use of agriculture and pesticides threatens this status. The Solar Branco Eco Estate is committed to protecting and helping native wildlife thrive here on the grounds.


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Buy Local

The Solar Branco Eco Estate and the Eco Experiences are committed to using local products and working with local producers as part of our sustainability commitments. 

Local Events

Hosts Ali & Caroline are delighted to host a number of events on the estate. Events are free to attend, and proceeds from drinks and food sales go to charities based on São Miguel.

Health & Food

Take time to relax. Take time to work on your health and slow down as you enjoy the green lands of São Miguel. Our food offerings are all sourced locally and always organic.