Stay In A Home, Not A Hotel. Enjoy Azorean Hospitality From The Owners of the Eco Estate. Owned and operated by Ali & Caroline, who first came to the Azores in 2006 on honeymoon. In his former life, Ali has worked for WWF and Red Bull. He has spoken at Davos about social media and dyslexia (more on Forbes.) Caroline was a member of the British Diplomatic Service for almost 2 decades. Now, she is the only Shinrin Yoku guide here in the Azores, showcasing the natural beauty of the island of Sao Miguel. 

Each of our rescue dogs has a special role on the estate. Some are serious such as Una’s role to be your guide around the estate. Some less so, such as Padstow’s role to remove all snacks into his mouth as part of a zero waste snack policy.

When you book with us you are part of making the world a little bit better. The Solar Branco Eco Estate is more than a luxury hotel – It’s a philosophy and a platform to lead the change towards sustainability here in the Azores.

Your Hosts