The Solar Branco Eco Estate & the Word Cetacean Alliance (WCA) are working to certify Sâo Miguel as an internationally recognised Whale Heritage Site. The first island in the Azores to achieve this recognition. The Solar Branco Eco Estate, through our

Our newest employee / rescue has just arrived. Chocolate is head of mouse catching and assistant in the library where he can often be found.

TASTE THE BEST CRAFT BEERS IN THE AZORESTIMES: CONTACT US FOR AVAILABILITYPrice: €24BOOK NOW Max: 8 guests (unless a group booking)Hosted by: AliDuration: 1 hour Love craft beer and trying out the best local ones when you visit a new place?! Join

We are incredibly proud to be the first hotel and experiences company in the Azores to consult with Mr Goodfish, and EU supported NGO on what seafood is sustainable to serve to guests as part of our in-house sushi experiences.

Sushi & Gin DinnerTimes: Available upon requestPrice: €45 per personBOOK NOW Max: 6 guestsHosted by: Ali & JoanaDuration: 2 hours Join hosts Ali and Joana at The Gin Library for a sushi meal that includes a gin and tonic. Additional gin and

Being a sustainable business is more than just removing plastic straws and bottles from a room. The UN has outlined 17 core goals to help support the growth of sustainable tourism and ensure that we bring these economic benefits to

If you are vegan, love gin and you happen to be in the Azores then this is the list for you! If you are vegan, and just coming across this list, this is also for you. These are the top