Sustainable Tourism

A sustainable hotel: Opening Summer 2021

The Cottage: Now open to book

THE SOLAR BRANCO ECO ESTATE blends heritage, luxury and sustainability here on the island of São Miguel in the Azores. Take a moment and breathe in the clear Atlantic air as you walk through the citrus-inspired gardens, taking in the view looking majestically towards the ocean. Hideout, forage, think in peace. Enjoy this beautiful home, built over 100 years ago, lovingly restored with a focus on sustainability Sleep in the big, dreamy beds, hike, laugh, enjoy a G&T with freshly picked herbs. Put your phone down, laugh out loud and enjoy life with those around you.

SUSTAINABILITY We believe in leading the way in the Azores in the world of eco-hotels and sustainability. We believe that the responsibility belongs to all of us involved in tourism to do more for the world we live in and we invite our guests to partner with us on this. Our work will always be ongoing on the estate and we are happy to share our ideas, and hear yours. For the latest updates check out our sustainability area for more information on what we are doing. From the beginning of the project, we wanted our hotel to lead in the area of sustainability. A firm belief that luxury and sustainability can be done without compromise is core to what we do. We are carefully restoring the buildings and the estate, respecting its history and breathing new life into it in preparation for a bright future. As pioneers in Sustainable Tourism in the Azores, we have founded the #plasticfreeazores initiative. You can read more on our commitment to sustainability and eco-tourism here.

HERITAGE Azorean culture is strongly reflected in the house and surroundings. Honouring the Portuguese explorers and the trading route with England, we are restoring an orange grove with heritage trees, and taking the land back 150 years. At the same time, we are reinventing styles, details and ways of living, to connect the past, present and future. LOCATION Close to the main city of Ponta Delgada, located on top of a hill, surrounded by peaceful farmland, overlooking the quaint town of Livramento and the ocean beyond. NATURE The connection with fauna and flora represents a key part of the Solar Branco Eco Estate. We invite you to take a walk around the grounds, to experience Shinrin Yoku classes which enable guests to step back from their fraught and fast-paced lifestyles, enjoying the calm, serenity and peace that comes from connecting with nature. LOCAL Our experiences aim to highlight and support the local economy. We hope to inspire you and enable you to leave your mark on our wall of memories to revisit one day…