Whales in the Azores



The Solar Branco Eco Estate is a proud socially responsible business. As part of our commitment to the environment and to the Azores where we live we have created The Ocean Azores Foundation. It is early days as we build our hotel but we aim to start in the right way and move forwards step by step with our hotel as well as the environment around us.

The Ocean Azores Foundation will look to fund ocean based research and conservation projects based on all islands of the Azores. The aims are to give back to the community and environment that we now call home.

About The Foundation

The Ocean Azores Foundation is one of 5 created in the Azores. We aim to invest our resources in selected community projects that will help drive lasting social and environmental change, focusing on the protection of the waters that surround the Azores Islands. This will be achieved through multi-year partnerships and providing funding for organisations that promote marine sustainability and sustainable tourism.


Ocean Azores Foundation

How the Solar Branco Estate & Boutique Hotel supports the Ocean Azores Foundation: While the Solar Branco Eco Estate might be located on the island of São Miguel, our aim is to support all the islands and the ocean that surrounds us.

Our Eco Estate supports the foundation in a number of ways. We ask guests to make a donation for each night that they stay with us. We have produced a guide to the island that outlines sustainable whale and diving companies, so you can choose to spend your money with those that truly care for the ocean. We also run frequent events, helping to raise money for the foundation and local charities. 

Guest Donations

The Ocean Azores Foundation does not solicit funds from the Azorean or Portuguese governments. Donations are kindly received from individuals, guests staying with us and local businesses. These donations will go directly to helping support the preservation of all cetaceans that call the waters of the Azores home.


Ocean Azores Foundation


The Solar Branco Eco Estate and The Ocean Azores Foundation are delighted to be supporting Maria Andersen from RTP Açores who is producing a series titled “Ocean Açores.” The series covers the people of the islands who are working on and with the ocean. From scientists and whale watching companies, to seaweed producers, activists and others. There is a fascinating community of people dependent on the ocean as well as those working to protect it.


Whales in the Azores


The Gin Library, located at The Solar Branco Eco Estate hosts a regular drinks event to raise funds and awareness of The Ocean Azores Foundation at The Gin Library. €1 from each drink is donated to the foundation. We also host other events that help support local charities, including ones that cover cat and dog rescue.


Ocean Azores Foundation

Baleia Gin Tasting

From the ocean. For the ocean. Baleia Gin is designed to be a simple, carefully and perfectly balanced gin. Created with local, endemic seaweed distilled with a mix of citrus, mint and juniper. Baleia stands out with its commitment to the whales of the Azores. Every bottle sold supports marine conservation projects in the region.



1 Azores

The Gin Library, located on the grounds of The Solar Branco Eco Estate has joined with some of the best bars in the Azores to help give back to our ocean through sales of Baleia Gin & Tonics. We are proud to donate an additional €1 from each Baleia & Tonic sold to The Ocean Azores Foundation.