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Zero Food Waste

Zero food waste thanks to the ladies of Cluckingham Palace *

Our commitment to sustainability extends to every point on the estate. One of the largest sources of waste is food, and with this in mind our squad of ladies here on the estate eat up all of our scraps and leftovers, meaning we are well on our way to being a zero food waste establishment. According to an article by Eco-Business in 2017, around one-quarter of all food that passes through hotel kitchens is discarded as food waste, while 350 grams of food is usually thrown away per diner. Food waste can make up to half the total trash generated on hotel properties.

In return for this unwanted food or scraps, we get wonderful fresh eggs in the mornings. We really can’t ask for better than that. The ladies have a healthy, free-range life as they roam throughout the orange grove. You are welcome to meet our ladies when you are here on the estate.

As part of our commitment to sustainability and animal welfare in 2020, The Solar Branco Eco Estate made a commitment to convert all it’s shell, ingredient and liquid eggs to be cage-free. We’re very proud that we have fulfilled our commitment and confirm that we are 100% cage-free. More here.


* Zero apologies for the pun