When life gives you oranges, make orange juice.

As winter brings shorter days, and cooler weather, our oranges start to turn from green to, well orange. The word orange has a fascinating history. The fruits originally came from the Azores to London in the 1800s and were so new there was no word for them! Literally, in the English language the word “orange” did not exist. People would say “red-ish” or “yellow-red” to describe something that we now commonly call orange.

The Portuguese merchants, who had a word for these fruits, “Laranja.’ So quickly the fruit became known as “orange.” As these fruits were so exotic, word quickly spread about “oranges” in both colour and taste. And thus a new colour was named. And all thanks to a small set of islands in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

When in season you are welcome to join us for a glass of yellow-red juice on the Eco Estate at our Breakfast at Cluckingham Palace experience.