Wellness Experiences


Shinrin Yoku or Forrest Bathing is a unique sensory way to experience and connect with nature. Originating in Japan, Shinrin Yoku offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature without modern day distractions. Shinrin Yoku 森林浴 is often referred to in English as forest bathing (the literal translation of this Japanese term) or forest therapy.

On your Shinrin Yoku walk you will experience the beauty of the Azorean countryside with all your senses. During the 3 hour session you’ll be walking calmly and gently over very short distances (no more than 1km in total) and taking part in a series of guided activities to facilitate a deep connection with nature. The walk includes several opportunities for group discussions to reflect together on what we are experiencing.

The session ends with a wild tea ceremony where you will enjoy a tea-infused from foraged plants, along with simple snacks made using seasonal produce from the island. Your guide, Caroline Sprod, is the first and only Shinrin Yoku guide in the Azores, and co-owner of the Solar Branco Eco Estate.



Take time for yourself. Turn off your phone and tune in to the sound of the birds, the wind breezing through the trees above you and the songs of nature as you relax in the careful and experienced hands of Ricardo and his team at The KeepMovingProject. Enjoy a Japanese Seirai massage as you breathe in fresh Atlantic air of the Azores. This private space is perfect for a solo traveller or couple to enjoy. As a couple you are welcome to split the massage for 1 and the gin for the other should you wish.

Once your massage has finished and you are completely relaxed, gently stroll down to The Gin Library and enjoy an Azorean or Japanese gin as you sit and take in yet more of the beautiful scenery that the island of Sao Miguel has to offer you.