We are delighted to offer a number of vegan options for breakfast. Please let us know in advance so that we can prepare sustainably sourced vegan options for you

Vegan Sushi


Chef Joana has an amazing and delicious vegan version of her sushi offering for dinner. Created with fresh local fruits and vegetables in the same way that the traditional sushi would be prepared

Fresh Local Fruits

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With a mind on healthy eating, we have fruits and vegetables grown on the estate or locally for guests to enjoy. Heading off on a hike, ask us for some to take with you as you discover the island

The gardens


Guests staying on the Eco Estate are welcome to join us for a tour around the gardens. We will share with you our plans for the grounds and show you the highlights and some special plants that we have growing here.

farm fruits

Strawberries from The Solar Branco Eco Estate

On the grounds of the estate we grow fruits year round. From strawberries and figs, to heritage varieties of oranges and lemons. We are also growing Japanese plumbs, 3 types of avocados, finger limes, yuzu lemons, guava, rhubarb and bananas.


Oranges Azores

We are replanting the orange groves with a heritage variety of oranges that would have been grown on the estate in the 1800s. This shows guests what the fruits would have been like in the days of the citrus trade with the United Kingdom, and the riches that they created.