Vegan cozido dinner São Miguel Azores

Vegan Volcano Dinner

ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE GROUPS OF 10+ PEOPLE. (We are not able to combine smaller groups) Please check out our other dining options here



Azorean Cozido Vegan Volcano Dinner
Price: €350 (minimum charge + wine)

Hosted by: Ali & Caroline
Duration: 1.5 hours

Coming to the Azores is all about connecting with nature. And enjoying some of the unique experiences that these islands have to offer. One of the most unique and exciting things to enjoy is a meal cooked in a volcano. Azoreans typically use this cooking method for cozido, a famous rustic dish traditionally made with meat and vegetables. Solar Branco’s version is a modern interpretation, using fresh local seasonal ingredients and a special blend of herbs and spices delivering a delicious and refined twist.  Our vegan volcano dinner and all accompaniments are plant-based and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. With the exception of the fresh local bread we serve, all dishes are naturally free of gluten.

As featured on RTP TV’s 100% Portugal. Watch the episode here (skip to the 6-minute mark) watch here.

Your evening starts by joining us to pick up the dinner pot from the cooking site. Thanks to the volcanic heat, the pot is kept naturally at a temperature of 80 – 90 degrees Celsius and cooks there for at least 6 hours. It’s a fun photo opportunity to show friends and family how you hauled your dinner out of the steam of the volcano. You’ll return to The Solar Branco Eco Estate to enjoy this unique food with local wines, beer and accompaniments.

Your meal starts with a gin and tonic. A carafe (equivalent to a half bottle) of red or white wine is included per person. We end with a delicious dessert. The dinner takes place at our gin library and terrace, where you can enjoy your meal as you watch the sun go down over the hills and ocean beyond. 

We love to host friends and family for lunches and dinners, and are known for our rustic meals, served family style.  We delight in using fresh, seasonal local ingredients and surprising our guests with something unexpected. We are passionate about sustainability and eat a plant-based diet most days.

We developed our vegan version of cozido after frequently hearing from vegan and vegetarian friends and visitors that they have been struggling to find dishes suitable for them on the island.  We wanted to offer something beyond salads and French fries. No-one should miss out on trying the delicious flavours of the island and having their dinner cooked in a volcano! 

Please note: This does not include transportation. You will need to make your own way to and from the cooking site.

Child Policy
Strictly adults only. Guests visiting The Gin Library are not permitted to bring babies or children under 16. Prices are on a per adult basis / per seat.

Refund Policy / Terms and Conditions
7 days or more in advance: 100% refund
Up to 48 hours: 50% refund
Less than 48 hours: Non-refundable