Una's hike in the Azores

Una – Greeter

Role: Head of Outdoor Experiences. “DID YOU SAY GO OUT??!!” Any excuse, and we mean any excuse and Una is ready to go. Walks, hikes, tours around the estate to Ponta Delgada she is ready to go. Her best friend in the world is Rita, together mischief and boundless energy rule the place.

Una came to us one morning as we were drinking coffee at our local cafe in Hong kong. A serious typhoon was approaching, we had just completed some shopping, ready to see out the on-coming storm. As spots of rain started to fall and the clouds turned to grey we noticed a friendly dog walking up and down the street. She came over to us to say hello and sat for a while, enquires with the cafe owner informed us that she has been seen in the area on occasion but had no collar or owner that we could see.

Que a makeshift leash of string and a walk home to our house to see out the storm. Una slept through the rain and wind as the storm passed over us and never left our household after that. Her owner didn’t want her back, so she was welcome as number 5 and would be the last rescue we would have in Hong Kong.

Una is a border collie, and she has the most energy of anyone, except for Rita. A constant seeker of things to do, including the “stick game,” in which you will be asked to play, she loves nothing more than running around the field on the estate.