Farmers Market

Hotel Guests only

Max: 6 guests (unless a group booking)
Hosted by: Ali & Una
Duration: 30 mins

(Please note this is located in Ribeira Grande)
– Own transport required


Meet the Farmers, Azorean style. Unlike Mercado de Graça in Ponta Delgada, this is a market that most people don’t get to see or experience, including locals! Happening only on a Thursday, this is where the farmers meet, buy and sell their produce and livestock and get together for a chat.

We meet at the market around 10:00 and then usually end up at the coffee truck around 10:30 / 11. We’ll take a look round a real local market (where farmers meet once a week). Here we can find some great value, and local fruits and vegetables from the people who grow them. Pick up some local specialities (like honey and pineapples) to take home.

Buying products here at the market helps to support the local economy and helps the farmers here on the island. Supporting and growing the local economy is one of the sustainable goals of the Solar Branco Eco Estate.

If you wish to buy a locally grown pineapple, unique to the Azores, this is the place. For guests travelling back to the USA and Canada, we are more than happy to dehydrate it for you and vacuum seal it so that you can take it back legally. For guests from other countries, we can also do the same to help you save space! Please note we need at least 24 hours to dehydrate. There is no charge for this.

In the area you will also find one of the top restaurants in the Azores, Restaurante Da Associacao Agricola.

Refund Policy / Terms and Conditions
Up to 7 days or more in advance: full refund
Up to 48 hours: 50% refund
Less than 48 hours: no refund available