the perfect gin and tonic

The Perfect Gin & Tonic

Make The perfect Gin & Tonic

Here at The Gin Library we think we have perfected the Gin and Tonic. You might think that you need a whole load of fancy equipment and a bar fully stocked, but that is not the case. The perfect Gin and tonic is one that is kept simple.

  1. Select a good craft gin (British is always best)
  2. Use a large copa glass (or large red wine glass)
  3. Ice is key – Go with larger pieces of ice if possible circular ones are recommended
  4. Tonic water: Fever Tree is my suggestion or schwepps will also do
  5. Enjoy

Place the ice in the glass first. Then add the gin (1 part alcohol and 3 or 4 parts tonic.) Add the garnish or garnishes of your choice, as a default lemon, orange or grapefruit are my go-to citrus garnishes. Gently stir the ingredients for 3 – 5 seconds)

Serve and enjoy.

For the perfect Gin & Tonic visit us in person at The Gin Library.