The Solar Branco Eco Estate

Eco Hotel Goals

We believe in leading the way in the Azores in the world of eco-hotels and sustainability. A belief that it is not a race but everyone’s responsibility in the hotel industry to do more for the world we live in. Our work will always be ongoing on the estate and we are more than happy to share our ideas. For the latest updates check out our sustainability area for more information on what we are doing.

As we build the hotel in 2020 and open in 2021 we are incredibly proud of our execution to be the first in sustainability and eco-tourism in key areas such as:

The first hotel to be a zero food waste organisation in the Azores
A 100% organic and pesticide-free hotel and estate
First and only certified Shinrin Yoku / Forest Bathing guide in the Azores
Free recycling of Christmas trees on the estate (saving them from landfill)
The first hotel in the Azores to commit 1% of profit to charity

A full list of sustainability steps and initiatives coming soon.

By year our commitment to sustainability and eco-tourism includes:

2019 sustainability plans:
First and only certified Shinrin Yoku / Forest Bathing guide in the Azores
Restoring the lands from agriculture back to nature and replanting an orange grove with heritage trees
Building 2 natural ponds to encourage insects and frogs
Reclaimed materials (woods, tiles) used throughout the buildings and experiences
Chickens onto the estate reared on organic ingredients
Purchase of additional farmland to start to restore the ground for planting in 2020
On-site composting

2020 sustainability plans:
The first organisation in the Azores to be selected as part of #wef20
The first hotel in the Azores to commit to a zero-waste food program
1% donation made to Ponta Delgada’s Children’s home based on profits (TBC)
E-Bikes on the estate with charging facilities
Energy Star score of 95 (one of the most energy-efficient hotels in the Azores)
Rainwater collection and irrigation to the ponds
Plumbing fixtures 25% more efficient than the LEED requirements for flow rates
Double glazed windows to increase the use of daylight and energy efficiency
Energy-efficient and mercury-free LED lighting installed throughout guest rooms and common spaces
Simplified, reduced finishes, such as the brushed concrete. Since the materials are in their natural state, they have less toxic chemicals applied to them and require less unpleasant maintenance products
On-site 100% organic vegetable and herb garden utilising sustainable methods including soil building, water conservation, companion planting, bees encouragement habitat
No pesticides under any circumstances
Local community, ecology, and biophilic design assessment
Building-level energy metering – Locally constructed furniture
100% organic cotton linens (TBC) – Chalkboards in rooms instead of pads of paper
Carefully designed lighting and lighting controls that optimise comfort for both hotel guests and team members

2021 sustainability plans:
On-site beehives (both wild and hives for harvesting honey)
Electric vehicle charging stations for guests
1% donation made to Ponta Delgada’s Children’s home based on profits
Electric vehicles for house cars (TBC)
Transportation program that supports team members with lower carbon commuting alternative

Our message is simple: “Breathe in the clear Atlantic air as you take in the view. Hideout, forage and think in peace. Put your phone down, laugh out loud and enjoy life with those around you. Create memories, and return one day to the Azores to revisit them.”