Slow Eating

The Solar Branco Eco Estate dining experience is a private event, and it is based on 2 core concepts. Firstly, when it comes to sourcing food we use the principles of S.O.L.E (sustainable, organic, local and ethical) to ensure you are eating what is good for you, and good for the planet. Secondly, our service is based on slow (ing) down. The idea behind this is simple. Sit back, eat, drink and enjoy without distractions. When you are ready for something, the next dish or more wine just contact us via WhatsApp us and we will serve you as desired.

Ths dining experience means that you have time and space to enjoy your surroundings and the company you are with. Our idea came to us as we realised that so often restaurants “over service” and interrupt the conversation as it flows. We want you to enjoy your time here on the estate and not feel rushed in any way to finish a meal or clear a plate. Dinner can take 30 minutes or 3 hours. There is no rush, and for once in a busy life you can go slow. There is always tomorrow to speed up again after all.

To see the options that you can book for dinner, please click here.