Rocha Negra Gin Azores

Rocha Negra Gin

Proudly Distilled n the island of Sao Miguel, Azores.

Rocha Negra Gin is distilled here on the island of São Miguel, a place where black volcanic rock meets the pristine blue Atlantic ocean. Rocha Negra means “Black Rock” and honours the island, formed millions of years ago, from molten lava fighting the sea. Rocha Negra is intrinsically linked to the environment of the Azores. It is on this coastline with its unrelenting and unforgiving jagged-edged rocks, that the botanicals found in Rocha Negra grow. Rocha Negra can be purchased at The Gin Library to take home or enjoyed in your accommodation with complimentary tonic water.

You can taste a Rocha Negra Gin and Tonic in our tasting experience and Roch Negra can also be purchased at The Gin Library.

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