Rocha Negra

Price: €15 per person


Max: 8 guests (unless a group booking)
Hosted by: Ali
Duration: 1 hour

Proudly Distilled n the island of Sao Miguel, Azores.

Rocha Negra Gin is distilled here on the island of São Miguel, a place where black volcanic rock meets the pristine blue Atlantic ocean. Rocha Negra means “Black Rock” and honours the island, formed millions of years ago, from molten lava fighting the sea. Rocha Negra is intrinsically linked to the environment of the Azores. It is on this coastline with its unrelenting and unforgiving jagged-edged rocks, that the botanicals found in Rocha Negra grow.

This experience is held come rain or shine. When the weather is nice, the library doors are open, bringing the beautiful views of the green hills of Sao Miguel to the ocean beyond. There is also ample seating outside and we invite you to tour the grounds with a G&T in hand. For rainy days, we have comfortable seating inside.

This coastline was untouched by humans until a few hundred years ago. Since then it has witnessed men in small wooden boats sailing out to slaughter whales one hundred times their size, to the current population with a greater awareness of the environmental impact of humankind and the fragility of these creatures. Rocha Negra Gin is built upon a desire to work in harmony with nature and the ocean.

This is a gin best enjoyed as you watch the sunset over the green hills opposite The Solar Branco Eco-Estate towards the ocean. It is a premium London Dry gin, which can be perfectly balanced with a garnish of Azorean grown orange, rosemary and a splash of juniper berries to bring out the best in the flavour. Take a moment, put your phone down, breathe in the fresh Atlantic breeze, feel the calming wind on your face and marvel at a place surrounded by thousands of kilometres of ocean and the wonders of what is out there for you to discover next.

Your gin tasting includes a journey through the history of the Azores, the Solar and the citrus trade with the UK as well as learning to make, and enjoying, the perfect Rocha Negra Gin and Tonic.

The Solar Branco Eco-Estate through Ali Bullock is a proud ambassador for the Rocha Negra Gin brand.

Gin library: If the house has guests staying, the library may not be available, and we will host the tasting in another location on the estate
Transport: This experience involves alcohol. Please consider a designated driver or book a taxi

The Gin Library: Child Policy
Children are not allowed in The Gin Library. If you wish to bring children to an experience, we can organise a private event for you with a tile painting included. This means you can enjoy your Gin & Tonics in peace, and the children are entertained. After all, parents need a holiday as well. Please contact us in advance here to arrange an available time slot. The above experience applies to the Azorean & Portuguese tasting only.

Refund Policy / Terms and Conditions
Up to 7 days or more in advance: Full refund
Up to 48 hours: 50% refund
Less than 48 hours: no refund available