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The project aims to unite governments, non-governmental organisations, businesses and individuals in a “mass-scale nature restoration.” The Solar Branco Eco Estate is honoured to be the first in the Azores to sign up for this initiative.

How works will connect reforestation champions at the grassroots level with resources, opportunities and high-level leaders in science, technology, business, policy and finance — creating unprecedented access and connectivity within a single, purpose-driven digital space. will be the first-of-its-kind online community for the reforestation agenda, enabling more effective dialogue and collaboration to support successful and exponential reforestation action on the ground.

– will encourage and enable millions more grassroots reforestation champions by providing a digital platform (UpLink) to connect them with the opportunities, tools, and resources they need to thrive.
– will work to overcome the many socio-economic barriers that hold reforestation back by catalyzing top-down system change — such as policy change, incentives, market creation and access to funding and technology
– will work to raise the level of ambition and spending from business, governments and philanthropists, and provide guidance to turn that ambition into action.

More information can be found here.