Our rescue cats - Catarina & Catia


Catarina, also known as the “mischievous librarian.” Usually in or around the area. Want to know why the are mischievous? Come for a drink and watch what happens when you leave the cheese breads unattended.

Una at the eco hotel azores


At The Estate we have Una, Buddy and Rita. Una is the last remaining rescue dog that came with us from Hong Kong.

Rescue parrots and assorted birds


Our avery has a range of rescued birds and parrots. Always happily chirping away, they are sure to bring a smile to your face as you walk by and say hello.



We are afraid to say our spikey guests are a little shy and prefer their privacy so are rarely seen on the grounds. Found a Hedgehog on Sao Miguel by the side of the road? PLEASE CALL: +351 919 076 779.

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All of our chickens are free range and live very happily in our orange grove. They help to keep bugs under control around the trees and their poop is natural fertiliser for our vibrant oranges.



We now have 2 ducks, Mr JC and Mrs JC. Mrs JC thinks she thinks he is is a chicken (even sleeping with the others in Cluckingham Palace.)


SOS Cagarro

Found a Corys Shearwater or Cagarro? Please call the free / 24-hour helpline: 800 292 800 for support. Please be extra aware when driving during October and November as the juvenile birds are nesting and returning to the island.

PLEASE NOTE: Sadly we are unable to take in any dogs or cats. Please do not message as it is as sad for you as for us to have to say no.

Hedgehogs: If you find one at the side of the road in São Miguel or in your garden bring  it to us for medical attention. We will then release into the grounds
Cats & dogs: I am afraid we CANNOT take in cats or stray dogs (we are full.) Please don’t message as it will always be no
Chickens: We can take these in
Parrots and other birds: We can rescue them but please call us in advance
Ducks: Yes we can take these in
Cagarros: Please see the SOS Cagarros details to contact them directly here