Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree is considered the centrepiece of holiday decor. Throughout the season, it is decorated with splendour, gathered around, danced around, and marvelled at on cold winter nights. But when the holidays are over, what happens to that beautiful, beloved, Christmas Tree? It usually gets tossed into a landfill or just dumped. But, did you know there are quite a few other purposes for your tree after the holidays? 

Yes, you can recycle your Christmas Tree here on The Solar Branco Eco-Estate. We can use these trees for a variety of uses. Firstly it makes great mulch for the plants we grow here organically. Old trees are also very useful shelters for the hedgehogs that live or have been rescued here as well. Finally, old trees such as these pines are perfect for small birds to use in their nests. Your trash is their new interior decoration.

Just drive to the estate (directions here) and leave your old tree in the car park. We’ll take care of the rest.