raspberry orange gin

Raspberry & Orange

Our Raspberry and Orange Edition features organic, fresh raspberries and oranges from the island of Sao Miguel. We took our remaining stock of raspberries and added the only thing I love more, Orange. The oranges of Sao Miguel have a fascinating history going back to the 1800s and the trade to the UK (read more here.) The name “orange” is the only colour of the rainbow named after a fruit. In eighteenth-century England, anything that was orange was literally called “yellow – red” as there was no common word for this colour. As citrus came from the Azores to London, the name in Portuguese “laranja” was used, quickly becoming “orange” to Victorian Londoners. The rest as they say, is history.

Note: All of our in-house infusions are used with local fruits and served when ready in very small batch editions. When it’s gone it’s gone! And this very special (and limited) edition is sure to be finished before the summer ends. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.