We partner withe the most local and authentic experience companies in the Azores. All vetted for their sustainable credentials and work in the Azores. You can be assured that you will be seeing the best of the island with our partners. Every experience is personally vetted by us. For any arrangements we welcome guests staying with us to get in contact here  or by speaking to reception when on the estate.


Get your phone and camera ready and capture the landscape beauty of São Miguel Island, with me as your professional photographer and also local renowned Instagrammer. Together we will discover the best spots, hidden gems into the forest and beat the crowds. This is a private experience just for you or your group, to make sure you have a dreamy day of creating content with Rui.


Experience The Azores


Would you like to milk a cow, taste raw milk and cheese, get immersed in the green of our island, see first-hand what it’s like to be an Azorean farmer, and have a truly authentic non-commercialized experience? Then come and visit our farm! We are a small farm in Achadinha located in the northeastern side of São Miguel in the Azores islands of Portugal. We have 60 cows, heifers, and calves that graze on green pastures all year round and soak up the sunshine.


Milk a cow in the Azores

Whale Watching: Terra Azul

Located in Villa Franca this is our recommended partner for a sustainable whale watching company. Loved by locals for their initiatives and by guests for their thoughtful whale watching. Thank you for supporting this responsible and sustainable whale watching company.


Whale watching Azores

Best Spot Diving

For an amazing dive experience we recommend Best Spot Dive Azores. From beginners to experienced divers, Bruno and Suzi will take care of you as you discover the hidden depths of the waters around São Miguel.

You can now also take your own Ghosts of The Ocean gin to the ocean floor and pick it up on your next trip to the Azores. Read more about this here.


we love azores


São Miguel is known as the Green Island for good reason. This is a great way to get out and see the Jurassic inspired island as you dive through forests to waterfalls.


Azores active tours


Enjoy a horse ride on the island of Sao Miguel, taking in the breathtaking scenic beauty of the ”green island.” Take a stop at The Solar Branco Eco Estate, an 18th century Solar (mansion house) overlooking the hills of Livramento. Here you’ll enjoy a gin and tonic at The Gin Library, housing the world’s largest private collection of gin. Ride through green hills. Take in every moment, laugh out loud. Breathe. Immerse in the beauty of nature, as you ride home and the sun sets over the green hills to the ocean beyond.


Horse riding Azores

Japanese massage

Take time for yourself. Turn off your phone and tune in to the sound of the birds, the wind breezing through the trees around you and the songs of nature as you relax in the careful and experienced hands of Ricardo and his team. Enjoy a Japanese Seirai massage as you breathe in fresh Atlantic air of the Azores. A perfect for a solo traveller or couple to enjoy in your suite.


Massage Azores