Padstow @ The Solar Branco Eco Estate

Padstow – Snack Removal

Role: Chief of Guest Snacks and Removal. When not sleeping he can be found sniffing out guest bags for snacks. These will be swiftly confiscated into his mouth as per guest guidelines (his own guidelines, not agreed to by anyone else.)

This was our first rescue dog. And what a start that was… Part Boston Terrier, part French Bulldog, part pug, and mostly gremlin. We visited the rescue home to look for a pet dog, and amongst the dogs we looked at, Caz and I noticed what was the oddest (I say) and cutest (Caz says) dog there. Friendly, jumpy and full of energy we took him out on a quick walk. Caz fell in love with him there and then, so he was loaded into a taxi with us to his home. He sat on Caz’s lap and was well behaved the whole journey. That was the only and last time he behaved.

From chewing through a couch, to 3 pairs of glasses, numerous pens (Mont Blanc’s being a favourite), belts (yes a whole belt), to coins, plants, cash and more snacks, items on plates than I care to remember, he is literally the snack thief and head of mischief. A loveable rogue in the best possible way, everyone who met him, fell in love with the gremlin.

Sadly he passed away in in February 2022 at the ripe old age of 16.