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October 2022

October in the Azores brings cooler weather and shorter days, but still plenty of sunshine and some occasional rain. Now is the month that we start planting our fruit trees and cutting back some other trees that have been neglected on the estate for far too long. It is also a good time to get in some of the coffee plants and banana trees into the ground. Final tasks will be the hedging plants and of course the usual maintenance and cutting of the grass.

What’s growing? We are still getting bananas in October! Not many and I think that this will be the last month we see these. The oranges and lemons are just starting to ripen and will be ready in another few weeks with luck. Lettuces and onions are also doing well.

Next month we look forward to finishing the renovations to the back wall of the field, meaning that our fruit trees can go into the ground and we can start on more hedging plants that have been growing since this time last year. As always there is much to do on the estate!