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March 20424

Looking back on March it has been another busy month here at the estate and hotel. We received our new ID Buzz, a 100% electric vehicle which we will be using to transport guests to and from The Gin Library. Testing of the service will start in April for a full rollout in the summer. Speaking of The Gin Library, we crossed 1,400 bottles which was an amazing achievement as we build the display to be the largest in the world.

The Ghosts of The Ocean gin range continues to expand, with our newest release Pineapple & Chilli available to purchase. Using local, organic Azorean Pineapples and chillis grown on our estate this gin has the perfect balance of sweetness with a kick from the chillis. 

We have been working on the gardens, as March in the Azores is a prime planting season. 20 more orange trees, as well as our fourth wildlife pond has been completed. While the weather has been challenging we have made progress, and the rain is needed before we get to the dry conditions of the summer. Next month we will be prepping our summer release gin, “Yuzu Lemon” as well as some releases from The Gin Lab. More news to follow.