Low carbon Luxury

We are the first hotel in the world to declare ourselves as a Low Carbon Luxury Hotel: At The Solar Branco Eco Estate, our creativity, hospitality and experiences are driven by our guiding principle of low carbon luxury. Understanding what true luxury is for our guests is at the core of this idea; Low carbon Luxury for a hotel is about actions, rather than words. We aim to offer an experiences that are both luxurious, socially conscious to the local population and as environmentally friendly as possible.

Every modern traveller is aware of eco labels and awards. They are also aware that far to often these are just shiny trinkets to put on a press release or website. A low carbon luxury hotel should be one that takes sustainability responsibly, addressing issues and their journey in a transparent fashion. We will call on the travelling community to highlight the hotels striving to make a difference as well as those who just use words as greenwashing.

Post Covid-19, travel will be even more in the spotlight than before. Our contribution to global warming must be addressed. Things will not, and should not be as they were. Hotels of all shapes and sizes need to look at what they are doing to the environment and how all small changes can make a difference. Some areas will have to change, for example we do not have a swimming pool with all the chemicals and electricity that it takes to maintain. We would rather point our customers to the natural waters of the Atlantic Ocean or natural hot springs on Sáo Miguel. Sometimes, what is out in nature is better than anything man can make.

The Solar Branco Eco Hotel is the first hotel to create a low carbon luxury philosophy: Breathe in the clear Atlantic air as you walk through the citrus-inspired gardens. Take in the view over green hills to the ocean beyond. Hideout, forage, think in peace. Enjoy this beautiful heritage home, built over 100 years ago, lovingly restored and brought back to life. Sleep in the big, dreamy beds. Hike, run, read. Relax. Put your phone down. Laugh out loud. Dream. Enjoy life with those around you.