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June 2022

June in the Azores has been a wet start to the summer season. Finally, as we head into July the sunshine is out and we are looking forward to re-starting our gin and sunset cruises with Futurismo next month. Our new gardener JC is making great progress to repair many of the neglected walls that have fallen down.

The restoration of the estate continues. The Ruin and Solar buildings are both progressing well, and their beauty is starting to shine through after many years of neglect. The ruin has been challenging from an engineering perspective, as we not only wanted to keep the original structure but also grow a tree inside the house. Our team has done a great job and I look forward to sharing photos of the work very soon. The Gin Library has sold out of slots for many evenings, as tourism returns to the islands which is great news.

What’s growing? JC has planted watermelons and pumpkins (I think he suggested this, but my limited Portuguese didn’t pick up on exactly what he was suggesting.) 

Next month we look forward to sunshine, sunsets and gin and tonics on the patio.