Massage Azores

Japanese Massage + Gin

Japanese Massage + Gin
Times: Available upon request – Guests Only
Price: €90 per person


Max: 2
Hosted by: Ricardo @KeepMovingProject
Duration: 1 – 2 hours

Take time for yourself. Turn off your phone and tune in to the sound of the birds, the wind breezing through the trees around you as you listen to the songs of nature as you relax in the careful and experienced hands of Ricardo and his team. Enjoy a Japanese Seirai massage as you breathe in fresh Atlantic air of the Azores. A perfect experience for a solo traveller or couple to enjoy in your suite.

Once your massage has finished and you are completely relaxed, gently stroll down to The Gin Library and enjoy a gin as you sit and take in yet more of the beautiful scenery that the island of Sao Miguel has to offer you.


Refund Policy / Terms and Conditions:
Specific to the experience provider. Please see their website for details

We are not always able to offer this experience outdoors due to changing weather conditions


* This experience is run in partnership with a third party and is excluded from discounts and offers relating to our in-house experiences