Ivy @ The Solar Branco Eco Estate

Ivy #2 – Management

Ivy passed away on 30 October 2020. We have left this page up in loving memory to her.

Role: Head of Team Management. Ivy is the head of the pack. She constantly worries about everyone else and works tirelessly to keep them all in check. Her best friend and number 2 in this role is Penny. Penny doesn’t worry about anything, mostly because of Ivy.

Ivy came to us in the worst shape I think we have ever seen a dog in. She had been abandoned on a roof, grown up in a cage (so bad that her bone joints had grown into the metal.) Her face had been eaten away but mites, and she was grossly underfed. Putting this scared, abused dog with Padsow, AKA the Gremlin seemed like an impossible idea, not least to the dog rescue team. But we had faith as Ali looked into Ivy’s eyes and so she was brought home to a new life.

While her recovery took months. Padstow was delighted to have a new friend to play with. He went from chewing the couch and human shoes to chewing Ivy. With everything else she had been through, this wasn’t so bad. She let him get away with his mischief, for a while… As her recovery gained momentum and as she gained strength she grew into the loving and loyal dog that we see today. She even has an extended family of a best friend in Penny and a daughter in Mini. Padstow, continues to cause mischief and is occasionally allowed by Ivy to relive old times before being told off.