Islands of Colours

Each island of the Azores has a commonly known colourful nickname. Check out each one below and see which one is your favourite.

Sao Miguel – The Green Island
From Hydrangea-lined roadways to rolling green hills where the cows graze on the lush grass of the island of Sao Miguel, it’s not hard to see why this is called the green island.

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Flores – The Pink Island
The name Flores literally means flowers. so it is no surprise that many consider this to be the prettiest island. Part of the archipelago’s western group along with Corvo, Flores receives more rain than the other islands, leading to lush vegetation and colourful flowers all over the island.

Pico – The Grey Island
Known as the grey island or mountain island, the mountain of Pico dominates the skyline wherever you look across this rugged landscape. From climbing the mountain of Pico to walking amongst the grey walls made up of volcanic stone that protect the vines, grey is everywhere. The vineyards of Pico are listed as a Unesco World Heritage site.

Santa maria – The Yellow Island
Called Giestas, these bright yellow flowers can be seen all over the island of Santa Maria. The only island that is not volcanic, it has yellow sandy beaches, as opposed to the black volcanic sand of the others.

Sao Jorge – The Brown Island
Located in the middle of the central group of islands. Sao Jorge has prominent volcanic cliffs and rock formations that give the island its nickname of the brown island.


Terceira – The Purple Island
Hydrangeas grow across the islands, flowing across fields and roads in their thousands. And if there is anywhere better to see them than Sao Miguel, its on the island of Terceira. For this island is famous for its pastel purple varieties. If you are visiting then the Duke of Terceira Gardens in Terceira’s capital Angra do Heroísmo is a must visit.


Corvo – The Black Island
Corvo is the smallest and most northern island. Meaning of the crow, one of the birds that calls the island home. The nickname comes from the colour of the crows, or the dot that the island appears on a map depending on who you belive.

Graciosa – The White Island
The name Graciosa stems from the Portuguese word, gracioso meaning graceful. The island has a softer landscape than the others, and with lighter coloured rocks it is known as the white island.

Faial – The Blue Island
Faial gains its nickname of the blue island from the number of Hydrangeas that you see flowering across the island, and from its place as the nautical home of the Azores islands. Known by sailors around the world, with the famous Peter’s Bar in the heart of the port.