SOLAR BRANCO ECO ESTATE: Solar (Portuguese) /mansão, casa de campo grande/ noun-PORTUGUESE: Meaning: Large country house. Branco (Portuguese) /branco, brancura/ noun-PORTUGUESE: White

The citrus trade of the 1800s: At first the English merchants came out to the Azores at the start of the season to supervise purchase and loading, but by the mid-19th century many, along with their families lived permanently on Sao Miguel in their large country mansions. Citrus was a luxury fruit, available in season from November to May only, and at its peak of desirability for the Victorians was Christmas, when oranges and lemons were the fruit to have on the table, most coming from the Azores. 

In 1854, 60 million oranges and 15 million lemons were imported to London on at least 70 vessels from the port of Ponta Delgada.

– David Sayers, Bradt Travel Guide to The Azores