Hedgehog Rescue

Found a Hedgehog on Sao Miguel by the side of the road? PLEASE CALL: +351 919 076 779

Every year, hundreds of hedgehogs are killed on the roads here in the Azores. Alas as autumn rolls in and the weather starts to cool they move to find burrows. As they are nocturnal animals, crossing the road presents dangers to them. Should you find a hedgehog by the side of the road, please bring it to the Solar Branco Eco-Estate where we can home it safely in the grounds (away from cars.) We have ensured that we have a natural area for hedgehogs and other animals to nest and roam safely.

You are welcome to check out the Hog Seasons Hotel in the field but we are afraid to say our spikey guests are a little shy and prefer their privacy so are rarely seen on the grounds.


(1) Is the hedgehog OK? If it is close to or in a field, leave it alone. If it is in distress or on / aside a road it needs help
(2) Pick up the hedgehog ideally with a towel or gloves. This is to protect the hedgehog as much as you
(3) Gently put our spiky friend in a box (ideally with a cover but please make sure it has air holes and ventilation)
(4) Bring it to the Solar Branco Eco-Estate here (once released into our field they will happily forage for worms and bugs)