This is our directory of treasured places and spaces, a to-do list of of our most loved things to do on São Miguel and the other islands of the Azores. It’s a work in progress so we will keep adding as we go. Enjoy our guides to São Miguel and the islands that make up the Azores. With so much to see and do, from amazing hikes through prehistoric trails, to the wide expanse of the ocean that surrounds the islands.

Covid-19 has destroyed the local economy. Our guide includes all the best local restaurants, hikes and sights. helping you spend your money where it matters, helping you have a great time here in the Azores as well as helping the islands to get back on their feet.

Sao Miguel

The most populated of the 9 islands. São Miguel is not only where The Solar Branco Eco Estate is located. The island has some amazing hikes as well as whale watching opportunities.

The Azores

From questions such as how do I fly to the Azores? to what can I do when it rains? We have the answers for you.


While most know the island of São Miguel, there are 8 other amazing islands to be discovered. Download and read our guides to each island, helping you discover more of the Azores.