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The Azores is our home and we want to share all of our insider tips and places to see so that you get the best out of your time here on the islands. From the best and most sustainable experiences, to Mrs B’s cheese bread recipe.

Estate Map

The Estate spans 10,000sqm of Azorean countryside. We welcome you to tour round the grounds on your own, or with us as we showcase all the native plants, flowers and fruits we have here.



São Miguel Guide

São Miguel is known as the green island. From the sights of Lago de Fogo, to the stunning blue of the Atlantic Ocean and its inhabitants, there is something for everyone on this island. With restaurants and bars showcasing the best local produce, everything you need is here in the guide for you.



The Perfect Gin and Tonic

The definitive guide on how to make the perfect gin and tonic. From the ice to the glass, and of course the gin ratio you need to use. This guide is brought to you by gin expert and creator of Baleia Gin, Ali Bullock.



The Perfect ice

Ice (as you know now) is one of the most important parts of a Gin & Tonic. As you create your own, here is an example mold you can buy online.



Buy Baleia Gin

Baleia Gin can be purchased at The Gin Library, it is not available in supermarkets or the airport on São Miguel. It can also be purchased in Lisbon, but we cannot ship internationally at the moment.



Azorean Cheese Bread Recipe

Mrs B’s cheese breads are always in demand. And we have been asked many times how to make them. So we put together this guide so that you can make these delicious snacks at home. It’s much easier than you might think.



Estate Experiences Guide

Our unique and exclusive range of experiences aim to showcase the best of the Azores here on Sao Miguel. Featuring exclusive events such as a gin masterclass or wine tasting to a private sushi dinner made by the top chef on the island. You can book online or contact us to reserve your space. For larger groups or a bespoke event please contact us here.



Vegan and vegetarian

São Miguel has a lot of meat and fish restaurants. And now more and more vegan and vegetarian options are appearing on the island. Check out our guide to all the best ones here.



Free Gin Tasting

Bring a craft gin we don’t have in the collection, and you are invited to join us for a gin masterclass for free! Guests have brought us gins from around the world, from the USA, Canada, France, The Netherlands, to Poland and even as far away as Taiwan! You are welcome to choose from the selected gins in the library. 



Azores Experiences

We partner withe the most local and authentic experience companies in the Azores. All vetted for their sustainable credentials and work in the Azores. You can be assured that you will be seeing the best of the island with our partners.


Experience The Azores

Whale Watching Guide

The Azores is a natural paradise for whales and contains one of the largest marine protected areas in the world. Support the work of our partner organisation The Ocean Azores Foundation by going whale watching with one of our selected sustainable companies.



Electric Charging Stations

Here on the estate and the island of São Miguel we are rapidly rolling out electric charging stations. View the interactive map to find out where you can charge your electric car.



Hikes on São Miguel

São Miguel is known as the green island. When you hike the island it is not hard to see why. Stunning scenery from the coast line to Jurassic looking forests and waterfalls that look out of this world. Find about all the best hikes you can do here.


Una hikes the Azores

How to make your own gin

Creating your own gin or “Bathtub Gin” as it is known isn’t as hard as you might think. read our guide on how to do this here. We also have the cheating method (whispers just don’t tell your friends how you do it…)


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