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EUROPE’S LARGEST: No.602 – Jan 2022


Visit Europe’s largest collection of gin here on the island of São Miguel, part of the Azores. Taste the local Azorean gins, Baleia and Rocha Negra as you learn about the history of all things juniper at The Gin Library. You are also welcome to taste one of the gins on display, choosing from over 600 in the collection. If you bring your own bottle of craft gin and you and a guest will enjoy a complimentary Azorean Gin Tasting. More details here.

Ali is the creator of Baleia Gin and brand ambassador for the Rocha Negra Gin brand. He has spent the last 20 years travelling, tasting and collecting gins from all over the world.

Open every day at 5pm by reservation: BOOK NOW or bring your own gin for a complimentary tasting.

Baleia Gin Tasting

From the ocean. For the ocean. Baleia Gin is designed to be a simple, carefully and perfectly balanced gin. Created with local, endemic seaweed distilled with a mix of citrus, mint and juniper. Its aim is to showcase the Azores and the amazing botanicals that can be found on the island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Baleia stands out with its commitment to the whales of the Azores. Every bottle sold supports marine conservation projects in the region Read more.



Azorean Gin Masterclass

The Azores may be a tiny archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, but that hasn’t stopped it from producing several excellent gins. Your tasting takes you through gins created or inspired by the Azores as you learn about the rich history of gin and its modern renaissance. You will try 3 gin and tonics with selected tonics and garnishes matched for each Read more.



Gin O'Clock

Take a look round the Gin Library, with over 500 bottles on display. Every evening from 5-6pm gin expert and host here at the Solar Branco Eco Estate, Ali Bullock, invites you to join him for Gin O’Clock. You’ll enjoy a complimentary gin of the day to get your evening off to a great start.


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Free Gin

Bring a craft gin we don’t have in the collection, and you are invited to join us for a gin masterclass for free! Guests have brought us gins from around the world, from the USA, Canada, France, The Netherlands, to Poland and even as far away as Taiwan. You are welcome to choose from the selected gins in the library. As featured on Atlas Obsura.



VIP Gin Tasting

VIP guests are invited to join a special Gin masterclass at the Gin Library, housing one of the largest collections of gin in the world. In this experience guests are invited to taste the top 5 gins in the collection picked by owner and gin expert, Ali Bullock. Each is individually paired with its perfect match of tonic water and garnish Read more.

BOOK NOW: €100


Create Your Own Gin

Love gin?! Want to learn how to infuse your own? Join Ali Bullock, creator and master distiller of Baleia Gin as he guides you on how to make your own gin infusion. With over 500 bottles, we have plenty of inspiration for you to create your own amazing, and completely unique gin. Read more.



The Ginzilla - Book now

The Ginzilla is one of the largest cocktails in the world, and maybe even the largest available gin and tonic. Born in the spring of 2020, The Ginzilla is a 5 litre / 170-ounce monster gin and tonic – the equivalent of around 25 standard drinks. Served in a copper jug, it is designed to be shared by several people. A desire to drink irresponsibly is required.



Bottle Return - 2:1 Gin & Tonic

Baleia and Rocha Negra Gin bottles can be returned to us for cleaning and reuse here at The Gin Library. In exchange we offer a 2-1 G&T at the estate (see below for T&Cs.) If you are not located on São Miguel it would be greatly appreciated if you would recycle the glass or turn the bottles into vases or lamps at home.


Baleia Gin

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