Electric Bikes

Get out and About. Get Green.

The Solar Branco Eco Estate was thrilled to hear about the initiative from Atlantic Bikes in 2019 and we have been looking to support them ever since. From the inception of the business to the first bikes arriving on Sao Miguel. The estate has 4 electric bikes and these are available to hire on site (reservation in advance is strongly recommended.)

The electric bikes have a range of over 70km, meaning that you can easily travel to and from Ponta Delgada (a 10 minute ride) or go up to Sete Sedetches (45 minutes.) The bikes have a top speed of 35kmh and are extremely easy to ride. Helmets are also available on-site. The estate also has 4 mountain bikes for guests who want to exercise.

For a list of routes and trails to bike on click here.

About Atlantic Bikes: We are the first Bike Sharing startup in the Azores and we want to take you wherever you want to go. We want to transform Ponta Delgada into a more accessible, less polluted city, with less congestion and much less stress. For this, we offer an alternative ecological transport with shared bikes, available in different points of Ponta Delgada, including our beaches. In order to take our customers in a modern and sustainable way to where they want to go.

See more about Atlantic Bikes here.