Una hikes the Azores

Eco Experiences

Here at the Solar Branco Eco Estate, we have founded a new type of tour company. One focused on sustainability, eco-tourism and promoting the Azores as one of the most sustainable destinations in the world.

Building on our foundation as the leading sustainable hotel, Eco Azores is at the forefront of eco-tourism in the Azores. You can be assured of a sustainable experience, lead by people passionate about keeping the Azores in pristine condition. All our experiences and partners have sustainability at their heart. We carefully curate unique insights into the Azores through activities such as Shinrin Yoku (Japanese Forest bathing) as well as a vegan cozido hosted on this heritage estate. Every activity is thoughtfully put together to minimise the impact on the environment.

Each experience on the estate comes with a complimentary tour of the grounds to showcase our eco-initiatives and inspire our visitors. We also offer a tour of the local farmers’ market to help support our community by buying direct from local producers.

There will always be more to do, and here at the Solar Branco Eco Estate we are hoping to lead and inspire other hotels to join us in reducing our collective impact on the environment and keeping the Azores in pristine condition.

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