So here we are, at the 31 December and what a year it has been. We brought a 150-year-old estate back to life as a leading eco-hotel in Portugal. We met so many wonderful guests, many whom brought us gins

November has been a busy month here at The Solar Branco Eco Estate. Winter and the slowing of visitors may be upon us but that has not meant that we have been resting up. Far from it. The new gins

Summer has been busy and the hotel has been full. A lot still to do but we are making progress. The Gin Library continues to grow in bottle numbers and we are now at 1,218 gins which is amazing. Now

See all the photos from December here at The Solar Branco Eco Estate in the Azores.  

November brings the cooler weather with a real chill in the air as well as shorter days, but with some beautiful sunsets. The tourists on the island seem to fall as quickly as the leaves from the trees, giving us

October in the Azores brings cooler weather and shorter days, but still plenty of sunshine and some occasional rain. Now is the month that we start planting our fruit trees and cutting back some other trees that have been neglected

September in the Azores has been hot and dry. Only in the last few days has the weather started to cool. The Gin Library has been full and we are now close to 650 gins in the collection. We have

August here in the Azores is a hot, dry month. No planting in the garden, but lost of watering and care is needed. The sun brings many guests to see and enjoy The Gin Library and so the collection grows

July in the Azores, like so many places around the world is hot and dry. Though this does not stop the gardens growing. The Gin Library is welcoming more guests and we are pleased that we are full on many

June in the Azores has been a wet start to the summer season. Finally, as we head into July the sunshine is out and we are looking forward to re-starting our gin and sunset cruises with Futurismo next month. Our