So here we are, at the 31 December and what a year it has been. We brought a 150-year-old estate back to life as a leading eco-hotel in Portugal. We met so many wonderful guests, many whom brought us gins

November has been a busy month here at The Solar Branco Eco Estate. Winter and the slowing of visitors may be upon us but that has not meant that we have been resting up. Far from it. The new gins

Summer has closed and what a season it has been. The hotel opened and The Gin Library has now grown to 1,264 gins in the collection which means we will be on track to be the largest in the world

Summer has been busy and the hotel has been full. A lot still to do but we are making progress. The Gin Library continues to grow in bottle numbers and we are now at 1,218 gins which is amazing. Now

Life on the estate is busy as usual. The hotel is now open and we have guests staying with us over the summer and we are fully booked, which is great news. The Gin Library continues to grow as we

July has been busy here on The Estate . Suites are open for guests, and The Gin Library is welcoming even more gins as we top 1,100 in the collection. More news from the foundation as we proceed to launch our

The Solar Branco Eco Estate finally opened on June 1 2023 after 4 years of careful restoration. New signs and painting all around the estate as we open the rooms and the 2 dining experiences on the grounds. We passed

May has been yet another busy month here at The Solar Branco Eco Estate. The buildings are finally coming close to being finalised, and the restoration effort of the last 5 years will come to a close. And a new

April has come and gone, quite literally. The building works are progressing and we will have guests in only 2 months. Solar panels are going in, painting is progressing, carpenters are sanding and we are running The Gin Library in

As we look back on March, it has been a windy and rainy month! The season is changing and our plants are trying to flower but the wind is proving to be a challange. This is all part of life