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Buddy, or Bodmin (to give him his full name) is head of mischief and loyalty. If there is trouble to be found or a smile to be had, then he is usually at the center of the action. Seemingly always

Role: Head of Happiness. Rita, best friends with Una, can usually we be found causing mischief or playing. Sometimes both. She is in charge of bringing a smile to your face as she shows you around the gardens, and by show,

Role: Head of Outdoor Experiences. "DID YOU SAY GO OUT??!!" Any excuse, and we mean any excuse and Una is ready to go. Walks, hikes, tours around the estate to Ponta Delgada she is ready to go. Her best friend in

Role: Chief of Guest Snacks and Removal. When not sleeping he can be found sniffing out guest bags for snacks. These will be swiftly confiscated into his mouth as per guest guidelines (his own guidelines, not agreed to by anyone else.) This

Ali is in charge of coordinating guest experiences and all things gin. In short, the fun stuff. He also leads guest experiences including, hiking, mountain biking and tours around the Solar Branco grounds and Ponta Delgada. Previously Ali worked for the World

Caz leads our culinary experiences as well as Shinrin Yoku (nature connection) sessions where you will experience the natural beauty of the Azores with all your senses. Previously she was a member of the British Diplomatic Service for almost 2