This page is under construction. There are so many opportunities to find some beauty and tranquillity within Sao Miguel, you are almost spoilt for choice. Take some time to get outside, do something healthy, and take a few deep breaths of

With so many great things to do and see on São Miguel, but a lot of miles between each we have created this Google Map with pins to show you each location. This means that you can plan a day

Mountain Bike Trails: Valley of Lombadas Difficulty: ExpertThis is a beautiful ride from the top of the valley range in Riberia Grande to the abandoned spring water factory. This is a fast-paced downhill ride through some beautiful countryside. Best attempted with

Known as the black island, due to the birds that call Corvo home. Or it could be that it is a small black dot on the map, surrounded by the blue of the ocean (depending on who you believe.) Download the

Known as the white island, as this is a place with many hydrangeas and other flowers. Download the guide here We have written these guides to help our guests and visitors to the Azores with urated tips and suggestions. While we have visited

São Jorge is known as the brown island. This is because of the hikes and paths that cut into the volcanic rock. A beautiful island, where you can hike for hours and see no-one else. Download the guide here We have written these

Flores is the flower island. Known for its beauty and abundance of flowers, this is nicknamed the pink island. Download the guide here We have written these guides to help our guests and visitors to the Azores with curated tips and suggestions. While

Santa Maria has the nickname of the yellow island as it is the only one that has yellow sand, rather than the black volcanic sand of the other islands. Accessible from Sao Miguel via a ferry or a quick plane

Known as the purple island, as this is the island with the most purple hydrangeas. Terceira is located in the central group of the Azores. The highest point is Serra de Santa Barbara (1,022 m). The view from this point

Pico, is named after its imposing mountain Ponta de Pico or Pico Alto, which is the highest mountain of Portugal and also the highest elevation of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Pico with its 300,000 years the “youngest” island of the Azores.