There are 18 species of bees in the Azores. These pollinators are an indispensable natural resource in agriculture and for a healthy ecosystem. In short, we need bees and we need a lot of them. The grounds of the estate

In 2020 we are pleased to announce that the main field is now officially part of the Solar Branco Eco Estate. While we had started the process of purchasing the field in 2019, the paperwork took longer than we hoped

We source a number of our garnishes used in our gin and tonics from the botanical house and gardens on the estate. For our sausage-making classes we also use herbs found in the garden. The botanical house is 100% organic

More details coming soon.

More details coming soon.

More details coming soon. The gardens have been lovingly and painstakingly restored over the years by Ali & Caroline. Websites, friendly advise, Youtube videos and a dash of good luck have resulted in some spectacular gardens here on the estate. Aiming

Wildlife on the Solar Branco Eco-Estate From our daytime residents such as starlings, Caggaros, bees, and the odd pigeon to our nighttime friends such as hedgehogs and bats, every animal is able to thrive on the estate and grounds. Simple as

More details coming soon. The estate has a large outdoor event space behind the main Solar building. Perfect for a natural themed wedding or birthday event. As you would expect, our gardens are 100% organic and pesticide free. We encourage wild

More details coming soon.